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The Nigerian Army Resource Centre (NARC) which was established on 20th November 2015, is conceptualized as a national ‘Think-Tank’ with the sole aim of furthering the interest and knowledge in the art, science and literature of the defence Services. It is saddled with the responsibility of proffering solutions to defence and security issues confronting the Nigerian Army (NA) in particular and the nation in general.

This is actualized through research and other avenues including but not limited to brainstorming sessions involving seasoned retired officers and erudite scholars from the academia and related institutions. To actuate this mandate, the centre was initially structured into Seven (7) Directorates.

The Centre is involved in publication of defence related journals, organization of seminars and consultancy services on various aspects of security-related issues. The Centre also showcases new inventions, promote inter-disciplinary studies and issue annual reports and ultimately provide necessary advice to assist the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) towards improved decision-making and policy formulation.



Recent Events at the Nigerian Army Resource Centre